Introducing PayME

Credit Card acceptance made easy , Payments is as easy as scanning a QR Code

PayMe is a credit card acceptance tool that allows businesses to accept credit card payments-Remotely or upon delivery-  without any hardware installation. Through providing the seller with a simple QR code, which allows buyers to pay through scanning the QR code with their phones, and fulfill the transaction within seconds

PayME is the most flexible credit card acceptance tool out there

PayME can be used at any of the following services

Online Checkout

Provide your customers with a one of a kind checkout experience using only their smartphone , Users don’t have to enter their credit card details online

Charity and Donations

Accepting money for donation and charity using credit card can be challenging, Start accepting credit card donations right now with special rates and fees

Credit Card on Delivery

Equip your runners with QR codes that your customers can scan and pay upon delivery, PayME is very easy it doesn’t require a technical training for your runners

Restaurants and Cafes

Always stuck with Faulty POS? Provide your customers with an easy way to pay with their credit cards while dining in and on the table using only their smartphones

Remote Payment

Physical Interaction is no longer needed, send your customers' transaction details to pay without entering their credit card details online, Only using their smartphone

Informal Merchants

Taxi Driver ? Local Restaurant or Kiosk ? Freelancer ? Accept credit card payments now using PayME …. Contact us for more information

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