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Egypt has the highest e-commerce potential in the Middle East. As the total number of Internet users in Egypt has risen to 49.35 million, with 22 million of them accessing the Internet through #Smartphones.

Egyptian young people between the ages of 26 and 35 (representing the highest consumer spending group) are most likely to shop online.

16% of mobile users have purchased a product or service on their internet enabled mobiles in 2012.

The worldwide mobile payment revenue in 2015 was 450 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to surpass 1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019.

In spite of such huge potential, as an Online retailer, you are still forced to accept cash payments for online transactions.
Which results in unexpected returns due to customers changing their minds between the time of purchase and payment. As well as the threat of theft faced by your agents who are responsible for delivery, carrying a lot of cash.

Another challenge facing online shopping is the huge number of online shoppers who fill up their carts but, abandon them before the actual purchase.

With online shopping, shipping and limited delivery options are always an issue. Consumers would always select the most economical shipping method. So, providing your customers an easy secure mobile payment would definitely boost your sales.

But, how would you provide such a customer experience while keeping your customers’ information secure?

Using Tokenization technology, PayME safely keeps customers’ identities safe even if their mobiles got stolen.

As thousands of shoppers see that #better prices is the main drive for moving towards purchasing online, as well as the uniqueness of online products, along with the comfort of #online shopping that fits consumers’ busy lifestyle, PayMe lets you give your customers, the best shopping experience.

It is seen that Smartphones are the most desired devices among the 18 to 34 year group in the Middle East.
More than 50% of middle east youth says if they were allowed to buy just one device, it would be a smartphone.
93% of middle east smart phone owners use their smartphones at home and 73% don’t leave home without them.

Added to the fact that 52.7% of smartphone users in Egypt use applications, with an average frequency of downloading mobile apps.. 1.5 times a week.

With these facts stated, mobile payment is the most convenient method for satisfying your customers. You can even provide them with loyalty programs that would let you offer them the best prices while fitting the consumers’ lifestyle even more.

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Any customer has a simple preference towards shopping: More security but, less time and effort.
That’s why there are more than 200 online payment methods enhancing customer’s payment experience. so why stick to only one?

Now, with only a smartphone, you can get all your payments received without anybody having to pay extra for it.

Instead of having to fix the hardware used in web-based POS systems and facing a Connection reliability problem resulting in the inconvenience of waiting for the system to get back up and operate, along with the hassle of continuously updating POS systems, PayMe presents you the first Credit card acceptance method without Hardware.

Customers who use debit cards at your point of sale stations run the risk of revealing their PINs to other customers. But, with PayMe, after consumers store their credit card data, their identities will be safe even if their mobiles got stolen.

It’s clear that consumers, especially younger generations, are passionate about mobile phones and make shopping choices based on how they want to pay. So, what if you could not only boost your sales but, win an additional opportunity to compete as well?

Imagine having the ability to know your customers’ spending patterns, shopping trends and build Loyalty Marketing Programs accordingly?
Imagine having location features allowing you to advertise a two hour discount to anyone near your shop.
This is what mobile technology can do for you and your business.

It’s more important than ever that you support multiple payment types and devices. Now is just the time for mobile payments to finally take off as consumers seem to be ready and the technology seems to be getting better, cheaper, and easier to use.
PayMe is fast, affordable and keeps your cash flow, flowing.

Below here we list for you the issues that always face you while using POS compared with the mobile payment technology (Infographic):


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